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Saint Joseph University
Saint Joseph University


Saint Joseph University

Type : Architecture
Location : Macau

The headquarter of the University of Saint Joseph, located in Ilha Verde, is a living and breathing campus. Adjacent to the Ilha Verde hill and overlooking an open sky, the University offers an open plan faculty where students and staff can feel at one with nature.

The fully equipped campus incorporates many green technologies, including Rainwater harvesting and recycling systems, Ledger green strips and fins, Roof Gardens, Low transmission glazing, Cross-flow ventilation chimneys, Solar electricity panels, solar hot water heating, Energy recovery in ventilation systems and chillers, Low consumption bulbs and LED bulbs.

This modern church provides a unique and sacred place of worship for the students. The overall shape of the church is curved and the design is simple. The interior consists of a small semicircular altar and two rows of curved benches. Most of the interior facilities are in warm wood tones, and there are some small sliver decorations on the inner walls, as well as some carved icon fragments, which retain the mystery of the church. The top of the church has circular transparent glass skylights, instead of the traditional European stained glass, the windows form a visual contrast with the curved walls, and the natural light from the top reaches the interior of the church.

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