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About us

HEARCHITECT provides architectural services in the UK. We started in 2018. We specialize in new build residential, conservation and list building, remodeling, and expansion of buildings. We cover residential, commercial, industrial, and education projects. Our team challenges established practices in design and explores means of sharing ideas through unconventional means.

Our design studio is a contemporary architecture in Birmingham UK. Please be sure to check out the current projects we work on and feel free to leave us a message. Enjoy your visit!

French Mission Building



As architects in UK, we pride ourselves on design ability. We aid our clients in various aspects from feasibility study, planning application UK, tender preparation, project management, and site construction.

office renovation



One has to admire material to understand spacial quality. Our interior design Birmingham Studio conducted interior design projects for clients in residential, hospital, institutional, and civil infrastructure projects.



We visualize and conceptualize the finished product before building and construction. Our visualization philosophy aims to create a coherent entity of diverse aspects, blending realism and imagination, built intent, and widening scope, economy, and abundance. We provide our clients with ‘a rapturous render’ that entails renewed excitement upon embarking on every novel design to be captured.



Competition is integral to the architecture industry and has been for years; it forces individuals to push the boundaries of their creativity and has resulted in some incredibly significant projects being created. Builder offers a platform for even the most enthusiastic architects. We participate in numerous competitions throughout the years to challenge the limit of concept and design to express the creative potential

evolo design competition 2016
local surveyors direct
Google Business
Evolo Architecture Magazine
YAC competition
Perspective Magazine A&D Trophy Award 2016
World Architecture winner
Check out our new studio in Birmingham!

Check out our new studio in Birmingham!

Our new studio in Birmingham provides a great environment for creating design. The studio is located in the heart of the city, and provides a variety of amenities and services that are designed to help us deliver their best work.

About the RIBA Part 3 Examination seminar

About the RIBA Part 3 Examination seminar

The RIBA Part 3 Examination seminar is a two-day event that covers useful tips for the examination. We were invited as the honor guest for the seminar to provide an overview, as well as tips and strategies for successfully passing the examination.

E-concrete laboratory research

E-concrete laboratory research

We are working with local university experts including biology and engineer for a government fund research program to study the coastal life in Hong Kong in 2022

Summer Internship 2022

Summer Internship 2022

The summer internship was a great follow by a sharing session where candidates share what they have learnt. The session was well organized and the candidate were very knowledgeable about their respective fields.

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