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Summer Internship 2022
Summer Internship 2022

Monday, 1 August 2022

Few experiences in life are as defining as an unpaid summer internship. We learn so much about ourselves as well as the intern. We appreciate what they’re willing to put up with in order to gain experience in their desired field. It’s an amazing opportunity.

That’s why we’re hosting our 1st summer internship program in 2022, we hire 4 interns 2 for architecture team and 2 for engineering. the 4 candidates share their stories about their experiences. It was a great opportunity to learn more about what to expect from an internship, and to get some tips from people who’ve been there.

One of the most beneficial aspects of an internship is the opportunity to learn from professionals in your field. At a sharing session, you can hear first-hand about the internship experiences of other students and professionals. This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the stresses, challenges, and rewards of working in your desired field. You can also learn about different internship programs and hear about the application process from those who have gone through it.

Sharing sessions also offer the chance to network with professionals in your field. This is an excellent opportunity to make connections and create relationships that could lead to future opportunities. You never know when you will need a reference or a job lead, so it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to network.

Overall, sharing sessions are a great way to learn about internships, network with professionals, and learn from the mistakes of others. If you are considering an internship, be sure to attend a sharing session in your area.

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