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Civil Engineering Department (CEDD)

Type : Environmental
Module: Rockpool, Intertidal, panel
Location : Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

In 2020, Our team works on an innovation project to provide 4 prototype of concrete modules. The modules are to be placed in Victoria Harbor by CEDD contractor to study the Coastal sealifes. The ECOncrete solution consists of three core elements that work in synergy to decrease the ecological footprint and enable the growth of marine life on concrete infrastructures.

1. Reinforced by nature
E-Concrete addresses the chemical composition of the concrete, as well as its micro and macro surface, on a micro and macro level. This promotes the growth of organisms like oysters, corals, or barnacles, which act as biological glue, enhancing the strength and durability of structures, and adding to their stability and longevity. We call it bioprotection.

2. Bio-enhancing concrete compositions
Our life-enabling Admix can be added to regular concrete mix to create a chemically-balanced concrete. This enables healthy and diverse marine ecosystems to develop.

3. Texture agents
Our mold-modifying agents, liners, and coatings create complex surface textures on which growth is enabled, allowing for rich, diverse marine life to develop.

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