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ECO Village
ECO Village


The Professional Green Building Council

CONCEPT - The idea comes from braiding. Our design organized the style of living in a fashion and modest way. Modular housing or Modular Integrated Construction has been a familiar term since Le Corbusier. Domino fairly breaks down a complicated architectural model into components and re-construct them by repetition. Nevertheless saying, modular buildings evolve greatly during the recent decade due to technology advancement. From there, our team re-think the connection between the modular living and living community. The team decided the house is representing part of the living where there are also the school, leisure, exploration, work and recreational activities. Like hair, we organize by lapping one on another to form the braid. Instead of traditional ‘stack and go’, porosity is formed to encourage a healthy and sustainable community where people feel at home in transitional housings.

CONSTRAINT - where the warehouse of construction plants is adjacent to our site. The building façade, formed by the structural wall of the modular building lapping over, are facing the warehouse on both sides. Heavy acrostic N-35 noise resist material is used for the outer structure element to reduce the noise generate and transfer throughout each tenants’ unit to a minimum. Due to such arrangement, the openings of each modular unit will be tilted like braiding to allow privacy for tenants. We also adjust our modular design with an angled balcony such that a semi-public space will be separate the private space from the public.

COMMUNITY - The garden is an important element in the scheme for the idea of eco-living. We decide the garden to be a local community area, a recreational facility, and a leisure spot during the weekend. The team explore a way to connect the vertical living environment to a horizontal landscape. We break down the garden and incorporate it within the living community. The first community garden is incorporated within the upper site (longer) one between the building blocks. The building blocks facing the community garden are also arranged such that it opens up to face the garden. There are also garden and parks within the site to connect the surrounding context. We also proposed to direct the stream into our site from the idea of the braid. The river functions as a highlight to the braid which drawn water for garden irrigation and cool down the site during the hot season of the year.

The residential development scheme enhanced the streetscape along the main access road to our site by proving a bike parking facility at the U-shape recess area at the lower site (shorter) one. We encourage biking within the site and the area, which shall be compatible with the town planning strategy and the bike parking area at the nearby facility. Car parking and access are only available for maintenance vehicle and EVA only.

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