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FITT Headquarter
FITT Headquarter



CONECPT/ FITT identity has unique characteristics with continuity. We see the continuity of the fitt logo as a journey. The journey starts from fitt and leads to the future. From there the new headquarter marks as a milestone within the journey which bring fitt forward. Hence we use one part from the fitt logo 'an arc' and become the facade of the headquarter. We also decide to respect the existing site context and value the community within. The new building tower is separated into two wings parallel to the existing geometry of the buildings and the separation in the middle is connected by bridges. The plaza generates from the separate is to form a new dimension. It faces the main entrance and connects within fitt to beyond fitt.

FITT/ hoster of a center to become the symbol of modernity and progress. The corporation’s community will meet to develop intuitions and research in a new complex designed to amaze and inspire. Such center will compete with the most innovative headquarters of the international scenario to forge a future of wealth, sustainability and innovation.

SITE/ the area of the competition has always been a peri-urban context. It has suffered the same fate as the city of Vicenza. For this reason, to perfectly understand the site of the project architects shall carry out an accurate analysis of the city and its related influences on the surrounding area. Vicenza is situated at the foot of the Berici Hills and is admirably equidistant from both Verona and Venice. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most fascinating and elegant destinations of Northern Italy. The origins of the
city date back to times which memory has been lost. The prehistoric peoples that used to live in the mountains moved to the valley and founded a series of settlements.

SUSTAINABILITY/ One of the pillars of FITT’s identity. Nowadays a sustainable design approach is a fundamental aspect in all new architectures especially in a building aiming to become a manifesto of innovation. Passive energy solutions, landscaped greenery and trees, virtuous architectural elements and/or sustainable electricity micro- generation elements are some of the main solutions to enhance one of FITT’s key values.

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