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THEME - A lighthouse art hotel. Our vision suggests that the lighthouse hotel should be a hybrid between a hotel and a museum. A place where relax is enriched by art, conference rooms, amphitheaters, art gallery with permanent or seasonal exhibitions. Our idea is interpreting the monument Lighthouse as a time watch, a device to record and indicate moment. From our understanding, Lighthouse functions as the guidance to connect the people sailing on the sea to the land. Now the lighthouse has become a monument for memory and romance. Similarly, a watch functions as guidance to time. The needles rotating along the center pole on a circle surface. All the mark and indicator on the surface display “moment”.

In very ancient era, watch has no needle. The time is simply indicated by a shadow projected on the ground. The simplicity of a watch without the needle is the idea of the art lighthouse hotel. Our idea is removing the surface, and exposing all the mechanism within the watch. Lighthouse Art Hotel apply “watch-like” roof to the top of the building. Visitor will see time from a different perspective when staying in art hotel—projected shadows through the openings of the roof top and from the lighthouse. Our ultimate goal aims not just to re-habitat the lighthouse as a monument, but allow our visitor to be able to feel the sensation of living within the lighthouse.

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