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RST Pavilion
RST Pavilion


European Regional Development Fund

SITE - Russia located at the top of the world map. It gives a strong sense of isolation to rest of the world. Its mysterious is concealed with ice and politic. At the given site - the Red square , the plaza is surrounded with building as a main open courtyard for displaying the pride of Russia. The site is connected to several functioning area including a Mall, the Palace, and the Churches. The idea is to connect these places to see the interaction when the connection overlap with each other.

CONNECT - The idea would be bridge use to connect from 1 palce (the Rssuia pride) to another (the mall, the people). The bridge in the design representing a gallery displaying the story of Russia. Since the site consist of several landmarks, my design would be to connected these landmarks with several bridge, on different level. These bridges are not coming from several bridges overlap with each other. Instead a single bridge, representing 1 government, peeling and diverse its branch like a tree to reach mutli-landing places leading to different landmarks.

The central entrance multiple exist stragtgies can create a central drama - the mini courtyard. In the open courtyard in the pavalian audience can sense the tension in between these connections. The atomosphere would be to generate an sense of inner space for event / functions. people has to pass throught these bridge in order to come to another open place which is already exist in the plaza of red square.

BRIDGE GALLERY - The bridge itself function as a gallery, multiple bridge means multiple galleries, The center arc ramp serves an auditorium. The people can come from the bottom and sit along the ramp for speech / enter the upper gallery. The arc auditorium also has wide window to see throught the inner courtyard within the pavalian to the outer red square. The idea is to connected not just place but vision and given a peeling sensation to the people.

The bottom part of the bridge made of glass, same to the roof. It used to see through the ground area inside the gallery. The end is a ramp link to another gallery. Another end link to the main entrance, a stair. The idea of this setting is to give a feeling that the landing and the roof is not existing that is a void after opening up the bridge. When a connection is opening up and becoming multiple connections, we can see throught the sky to the ground.

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