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Science Muesum
Science Muesum


Science Museum

Part 1. Facade Design Competition

CONCEPT - The idea of lenticular comes from a tri-vision billboard. We want to show the transition of history museum and science museum. History museum will be represented as sentimental while science museum as geometrical.

DANDELION - After study the existing facade based of different renovation. We proposed the graphical presentation of the facade facing the atrium at the main entrance to be dandelion. We chose dandelion because of its nature. The dandelion is common to be found in nature. Its small florets catch the wind and using natural resources as their way of reproduction. For the past century, the museum is free admission to encourage the public to explore the history and science museum. The inspiration it leads on to the next generation is important to Hong Kong. In the 21st century, we want the ambition to become visible to be crafted on the upcoming renovation.

Part 2. - Roof Garden Design Competition

CONCEPT - The HKScM is a vault. The Roof Garden is the connection between outside and inside the vault. We interpret the Garden space as tectonic to be the mechanism inside the lock. The space before entering the vault where the key is entered. The audience is the key. The roof Garden is not considered as the end of the journey but a new perspective from seeing the renovated museum. The center of the roof garden locates the mini amp-theatre. At night-hour, fog projection will be displaying science and history museum videos. The people can sit along the bench facing towards the pivot to enjoy the video at the roof garden.

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