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Kowloon City Council

SITE - locates in Kowloon City at the boundary between Center Park and Residential Area. The site is approximately 1700 sq m. Kowloon City is an old city with Jong Kong first international airport back in the 80’s. The district is filled with life and stories including the demolished Kowloon Wall City. The Kowloon Wall City is now been replaced by a new Kowloon City Park, which define the boundary and the relocated of internal airport also introduce the new composite housing development to the city, with 40 floors residential units and 4 floors of shopping center on the street level. The new development trend torn down the existing low rise tenement houses of Kowloon City with its unique life style.

URBAN TEXTURE - “STRIPSCAPE” tempts to provide an architectural solution to our existing urban housing development strategy in the city. In recent decades in Hong Kong, urban housing development trend motto is about efficiency. Similar to modernism, the housing are priority to solve the living problem in the city. As a result, these housings are all appear as same type of composite building: with community area and parking spaces on street level and high-rise residential towers on upper level. The trend neglects the personal and cultural aspect of the existing site of Hong Kong. Hence, the new housing development generates new social issues. Cultural problems and disengagement reduced living quality.

CONECPT - STRIPSCAPE is about vertical greenery. In the given living circumstance in Hong Kong, the living density is more concerned than living quality. People urge for larger privacy instead of a better living space. This trend is been pushed to an extreme as nowadays the developer maximized the living area to ensure efficiency. The result causes insufficient daylight at the living space because of the overuse of typical floor plan. My design is to propose a new housing development strategy with pocket landscape going along the central atrium of the building. We break down one big landscape the center park into small scale terraces—“pocket landscape”. The small terraces consist of different size and locate randomly on each floor. Some of the terraces are share gardens; they provide new form of community and reconnect living spaces and leisure spaces. My design introduces “pocket landscape” going along the central atrium which generate recreational life in user living space and allow public interaction in a vertical manner.

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