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Qianhai Public Sector

The design competition project is an important public service building in Guiwan Park. The land area of ​​the project is 1,690 sq m, and the building area is 614 sq m. It is located along the river on the south bank of Guiwan Park. It is adjacent to Guiwan River in the north, Qianwan 1st Road, the main municipal road in the south, and Tinghai Avenue Municipal Bridge in the east. Liang, the west side is the municipal bridge of Linhai Avenue, and there is a bridge in the northwest corner connecting the north and south shores of Guiwan Park pedestrian landscape bridge

ARTIFICIAL - Swirlwalk is an artificial landscape. We intend to capture the natural seamless form of landscape in walk path. We developed Swirlwalk. In 2010, James Corner Field Operations (JCFO) developed a concept plan in Qianhai In the international planning competition, the concept of "Qianhai Water City" was proposed for the planning of Qianhai New District. A creative and practical spatial development framework defines the "waterfront" personality of the new city. Guiwan Park is located at the core of the new city center of Qianhai, adjacent to Guiwan and Qianwan high-density shopping malls.
The service area is the most important public space and concentrated green space. The park stretches along the Guiwan River from east to west. It is distributed in a band, stretching from Moon Bay Avenue to the east, Binhai Park to the west, Binhai Avenue to the north, and Qianwan 1st Road and Guiwan Henan Street are positioned as unique, with vitality and visual impact Powerful, exquisite and beautiful characteristic park.

We recommend that an effective greening point be established in the center of the city so that the entire city can more effectively play its recycling routes and connect investment networks. Our proposal uses the existing blueprint as the goal of the conceptual design competition. Our team understands the challenge of setting up a natural landscape in an ecological park. Our team presents the beautiful side of the ideal landscape in a form of harmonious nature and vitality. Our goal is to connect the three main components of economic assets, ecological environment, and urban expansion.

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