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Pound Lane Urban Council

CHINESE COMIC - are different then any other, it has a very strong relationship with its environment, the context clue is one of the main element to define Chinese comic with other comic. In fact the comic is implying an attitude to co-exist with the environment, In my design I am using sceneconical by "capturing" serveral images happening in my design and relink them to be a story.

CONCEPT - We would like to use this element to frame up the nature in a “comic” way. To make the space look interesting and enrich the relationship between building, human, and nature. The space is clearly define into 2 sectors with landscape on the right and main circulation on the left, The main block functioning as a divider and the circulation side relink the existing pound lane. Such a stragies focus to revitalize the existing pound lane by filling it with live, people walking by and things happening inside the space, thru some mini blocks, Those mini blocks respect the level different of the existing typology of the site. So that people passing thru on each level have access to the building seeing the according program happening.

The first landing of the pound lane lead to the first block on the left, which is primary stores and shopfront. Second landing lead into the main auditorium thru the 2 mini blocks on the left with designer studio upstair, the plaza will be filled with exhibition and gallery of the designers. Last landing before transit back to the main street, is an alternative exist to the auditorium, Since my hall is double volume, the upper deck which is also served as the exit for the building lead to the upper landing so that it can relief the circulation density in those two below landing. The mini blocks at the landing are mainly mini cafe with a more recreational setting and more quiet compare to the main entrance.

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